As a student of our nation’s history, I am in agreement with our founders and believe in
a small government with limited and well-defined powers. I will defend and rely on our
Constitution when it comes to restoring and protecting our freedoms. I will never forget
that our rights are bestowed by God and must not be infringed upon by our political
leaders or government.

To defend our sovereignty and to protect the life, health, and welfare of the people of
Arizona and America, we must gain full control of our borders and end illegal
immigration once and for all. The wall must be finished. There should be no
taxpayer-funded benefits for those here illegally. And our law enforcement should be
empowered to enforce our laws and protect our homeland from the cartels and their
crime and violence.

Capitalism has proven to be the most effective system to elevate people from poverty
and maximize opportunity for all. Arizona’s economy has been a national leader for
years thanks to low taxes and a friendly regulatory environment. We must resist Katie
Hobbs as she pushes for higher taxes and ever increasing, business killing regulations.

Free and fair elections are the bulwark of our democratic republic. When citizens doubt
the validity of the voting process our republic is in grave danger. I want secure elections
that are transparent, trustworthy, and verifiable. “Easy to Vote and Impossible to Cheat”
is my agenda when it comes to once again having elections that voters can trust.

Parents, not the government, should be empowered to control their kids’ education.
That is why I am a strong believer in school choice and parental rights. Our schools
should be focused on education not indoctrination. Critical Race Theory (CRT) and
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs that teach and promote division, racism,
and discrimination are antithetical to everything that America stands for. Racism, in
every form, is wrong. Lastly, our schools need to be safe for our kids. That means
secure schools from a public safety standpoint. This includes keeping boys and men out
of girls’ locker rooms, and only allowing girls to compete in girls sports.

Our healthcare system is under attack from all sides. Government interference and
mandates are driving up costs while reducing coverage. Our most talented and
qualified future physicians are now being bypassed for medical school admissions
under the guise of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). There was even a bill in the
legislature that would have opened the floodgates here in Arizona to an influx of poorly
trained foreign physicians.
The Pandemic demonstrated for all to see how the healthcare system can be
used to curtail our freedoms and control our activities. We couldn’t travel, couldn’t work,
couldn’t attend school. We were lied to at every step of the way while any dissenting
voices were silenced. We need to reinstate the medical freedoms we used to take for
granted. I am a life-long physician, prepared and unafraid to engage on these and other
healthcare fights right away!

I’m all in to help and support our first responders, like Police, Fire, and EMTs. I also
want to ensure that Arizona is the most veteran-friendly state in the country. We are
home to a number of military bases and a large active and retired military population,
and I want to ensure that we are supporting this vital part of our community.

Congress is so completely broken that it has become a punchline. But its failures are
no laughing matter. Arizona families need relief from inflation and rising prices, yet
Congress has now spent us into a $35 Trillion hole, and they are digging deeper at a
rate of more than $2 Trillion a year. That is why I support both a Balanced Budget
Amendment and Congressional Term Limits, so that Congress will have to live within its
means and prioritize its spending like we do at the state level, and so we can get rid of
career politicians who spend decades in the D.C. Swamp, disconnected from their
constituents at home.